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Marking 11th Anniversary in 2011, BEXCO's Expansion Sure to Attract More Visitors and Exhibitors

Marking 11th Anniversary in 2011, BEXCO’s Expansion Sure to Attract More Visitors and Exhibitors
BEXCO (Busan Exhibition & Convention Center) is a landmark of Busan, a world-class port city and logistical hub of ortheast Asia, located on the southeastern-most tip of the Korean peninsula. Starting its history with the Busan International Motor Show in September 2001, BEXCO features a large one-story space without supporting pillars, consisting of an exhibition center, multipurpose hall, outdoor exhibition center and exhibit facilities, large scale international conference hall, and a three-story high-end conference facility for hosting various events.
To expand its facilities and enhance international competitiveness, BEXCO plans to expand the exhibition center
space up to 20,000m2, along with the establishment of an auditorium with 4,000 seats, and expansion of other
facilities by 2012.
With its state-of-art facilities, optimal location, and top-notch service, BEXCO hosts large scale international
exhibitions, including the biennially hosted Busan International Motor Show, Korea Railways and Logistics Fairs
and Marine Week. In addition, BEXCO has established itself as an exhibition convention center with unparalleled
competitiveness in Northeast Asia by hosting internationally famous conferences and events, including APEC
2005 Korea, 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup Final Draw Event, ICCA Annual Congress 2003, ITU Telecom Asia
2004, ILO Asia and the Pacific Conference 2006, UNESCAP Minister of Transportation Conference 2006, IFI
Congress and World Interior Design Competition 2007, World Festival of Traditional Sports 2008, Third OECD
Global Forum 2009, IPCC Congress 2010, and International Diabetes Federation Congress.
When it comes to location, BEXCO has unparallel competitiveness. Blessed with the beautiful scenery of nature
and beaches of Haeundae and Gwanganri, BEXCO is also located ideally within a five-minute driving distance to high-end hotels, lodging facilities, leisure, vacation, and shopping facilities. Additionally, its state-of-the-art facilities enable BEXCO to host any type of exhibitions. The column-free exhibition space without pillars can withstand five tons of weight per 1m2, allowing exhibit of heavy equipment. Logistical accessibility of the Center is so high that container vehicles
can enter the exhibition center without any adjustment. BEXCO allows for any type of exhibition with cutting-edge facilities including plumbing system, electricity supply, and communications system on-site.Exhibition centers can be divided and combined for use, allowing for adjustment according to the scale of the exhibition. Each exhibition center is 12.5 - 22.5m in height, making exhibition of tall exhibits convenient. With cooling/heating system and complete view of the exhibition center from the host office, administering exhibitions is very convenient.
With its history of successfully hosting mega events such as APEC Korea 2005 and OECD Global Forum 2009, BEXCO has earned the know-how in international administration of events and high satisfaction of the participants and continues to host large-scale exhibitions and international conferences. The expansion of BEXCO’s exhibition hall and auditorium, scheduled to be completed by mid-2012, is well underway. The project is being conducted on a fasttrack basis (where the construction plans and actual construction are being conducted simultaneously). The new exhibition hall (with an area of 20,000m2) next to BEXCO site and the auditorium (tiered meeting hall) with 4,092 seats, next to the Convention Hall, will upon completion double the total building area of BEXCO.With the new additions, BEXCO will be able to simultaneously host more than two large-scale international events. It will also further strengthen BEXCO as a symbolic landmark of Busan, and upgrade
the convenience and quality of its service to participants and visitors.

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