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EXCO, Daegu's Rising Global Exhibition & Convention Center

A venue where people, information and top-notch services meet, expanding its global influence EXCO, a pioneering presence in the regional exhibition and convention industry, located in the city of Daegu, has within just 10 years become a leading venue for industrial, economic, cultural and artistic exhibitions and events in Korea. Since its opening in 2001, EXCO has developed and discovered brand exhibitions with emphasis on regionally specialized industries and prospective industrial fields including textile [Preview in Daegu], machinery [DAMEX], eyewear [DIOPS], renewable energy [GREEN ENERGY
EXPO], fire & safety [FireEXPO]. Especially, the Int’l Green Energy Expo, the UFI approved exhibition, has grown to become a globally renowned new & renewable energy related exhibition featuring photovoltaic (PV) technologies. It was ranked as one of the top-10 PV trade fairs worldwide by Photon International, an internationally reputed solar power magazine. EXCO also has successfully hosted global-scale events such as the World Solar Cities Congress, APEC SME Business Forum, World Firefighters Games, IAAF World Championships Congress, International Biotechnology Symposium and Exhibition, etc.
Now in its second decade, EXCO’s outstanding global-standard facilities are drawing people from across Asia and around the globe. EXCO’s cutting-edge facilities, capable of handling exhibitions and conventions of any sizes, offering a premier quality experience EXCO offers cutting-edge facilities that can handle exhibitions and conventions of any size, including
events of a global scale, complemented by an unmatched level of professional attention. These assets guarantee that any exhibition or convention will be a success. Since the opening of New EXCO in 2011, EXCO has become the ideal venue for any size of exhibitions and conventions.

• Exhibitions Halls: 23,000m2 (indoor), 4,000m2 (outdoor)/15,000m2 on a single floor
• Meeting Rooms: up to 34 rooms with 3,100 seats (classroom type)
• Auditorium:1,600 seats (theater seating)

These facilities make it possible to hold two or three major international events concurrently. It is expected to perfectly host global-scale events such as the 2013 World Energy Congress and 2015 World Water Forum, etc. These mega events will inspire the holding of even more conventions and are expected to transform EXCO and ensure recognition of the city of Daegu as a truly global convention city. EXCO is located in an attractive megalopolis, the vibrant and colorful city DAEGU.
At its center stands EXCO, connecting businesses with the market, industry, culture and heritage. Daegu-Gyeongbuk, where EXCO is located, has a population of 5.5 million. Around 14 million potential consumers and 22 industrial complexes including Daegu and nearby provinces create the best environment for exhibitions and conventions. EXCO is also a hub of the Yeongnam area and is filled with traditional cultural heritages, including world heritage sites designated by UNESCO. Also, EXCO is unique in that it combines tourism business with 5,000 glorious years of traditional cultural heritage and a sophisticated exhibition-convention culture. Moreover, Daegu’s exciting art festivals are held throughout the year. For instance, there are the international musical festival, opera festival, jazz festival, body-painting festival and nonverbal festival,
which demonstrate the city’s enthusiasm, entertaining participants. Visitors can savor the richest cultural heritages and diverse art festivals in the city of Daegu. For the convenience of delegates, the city offers 5,000 guest rooms of hotels and inns. In particular, among them, there is a 300-room deluxe hotel located on the site of EXCO. An additional 2,200 hotel rooms are also available in the surrounding province, the Gyeongbuk area, which people can access within 30-60 minutes. EXCO, the leader of all Green Convention Centers EXCO is a green convention center that embodies Korea’s emphasis on green growth and eco-friendly buildings. Its design features an impressive range of renewable-energy facilities, such as a 222 kW
photovoltaic system-the largest in a single building; 122 solar daylighting panels; a 27 RT-capacity geothermal heating and cooling system; and a 204m2 solar water heating system. Together, they make EXCO an examplar for environmentally friendly convention centers worldwide, and a beacon of renewable energy usage that is also raising the global profile of Solar City Daegu.

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