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Numerous Cutting-edge South Korean Electrical Items Sure to be a Big Hit with the Many Global Buyers

For the upcoming 16th SIEF 2011 scheduled to be held at KINTEX from September 28th ~ October 1st, 2011, 100 South Korean electric manufacturers of various sizes are set to attract keen attention, not only domestically, but also of offshore visitors with their variety of state-of-the-art electric-related products. Since the first exhibition in 1994, the SIEF has become one of the leading global events in the field of the electrical industry.

Jointly hosting The 2011 Korea Industry Fair, which is run by five major associations by industry, the SIEF 2011 is continuing to enhance its reputation. As a unique consolidated exhibition of various electrical industries, it will hopefully be expected to attract 30,000 visitors and over 250 exhibitors.

Given the fact that the Korean electrical industry is concentrating on the formation of joint ventures and technical tieups with foreign partners, the 2011 version electrical fair will especially provide the foreign visitor with an invaluable chance to make valuable contacts in the dynamic Korean Electrical Market.

This year’s SIEF organized by the Korea Electrical Manufacturers Association (KOEMA) largely covers Power Generation, Motors and Generators, Transmission and distribution Equipment, Switchgears and Control gears, IT Implementation of Electrical Equipments, and other including Cable & Wire, Insulators, Testing equipment, Electrical accessories, etc.

Selecting new Chairman of the KOEMA, the South Korean electrical manufacturers and related organizations are jointly seeking ways to newly promote the development of the nation’s electrical industry, a future-oriented signal that the newly elected KOEMA Chairman named Chang, Se-chang, also the Chairman of Powermax, one of the leading enterprises in South Korea’s electrical industry, will push ahead with the new mission of devising a new strategy to deal with the new
industrial changes depending on the introduction of smart grid and green renewable energy in electric infrastructure, while also conducting a study of related exhibitions, offshore projects, and R&D projects.

Power Transformer & GIS

Having led numerous developments in the power industry, Hyosung possesses the best technology competencies in the global heavy electric equipment sector, the core of the industrial energy industry. Hyosung has exported those products to a number of locations in the Middle East, Europe, Americas, and Asia, and has received widespread recognition for product quality.

VLF and DC Hipot Equipment

PLUTO Technologies mainly engages in developing and operating variety kinds of high-voltage and high tension current equipment including Korea’s largest scale of 1400Kv high-tension testing equipment, etc.

Digital Fault Recorder

Procom has grown into one of the main enterprises in the field of manufacturing power system monitoring & diagnosis systems in South Korea, through investing more than 20% of annual sales in research and development of the system.

Surge Protective Device & Lighting Protection Solutions

Prime Solution is an expert manufacturer in the field of Lightning Protection, Power Quality, and Grounding System. The company possesses the largest collection of product safety certificates in the domestic market.


Powermax has been professionally manufacturing different kinds of transformers and related machinery such as MV transformers, diesel generators, switchgears, etc. since its establishment in 2000, forming an important part of the history of Korea’s electric industry.

Medium Voltage Instrument Transformers

Young-Hwa has the longest history and technical tradition for making instrument transformers (P.T.C. & M.O.F), domestic transformers, discharging coil, testing equipment and epoxy casting apparatus for special application in South Korea, all of which have the voltage range from low voltage up to 72.5Kv., leading the area of domestic medium voltage instrument transformers with 50 years experience.

Heating Cables

Established in 1988, Bosung Silicone has steadily grown into one of the leading companies in South Korea for silicone, Teflon wire, tube, glass tube and heater cord, utilizing the company’s independently developed technology.

Trip Investigation System

BNF Technology supplies a wide range of solutions including solutions for the control systems essential to power plants, solutions to detect and monitor various trips, solutions to determine their causes, and solutions for the forecasting of events before they occur.

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