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Daegu City's EXCO, a Potent Growth Engine for Int'l Convention and Exhibition Business

Daegu City’s EXCO, a Potent Growth Engine for Int’l Convention and Exhibition Business
EXCO, Korea’s first regional exhibition & convention center opened in April 2001, has become one of the
representative centers of Korea, boasting a 70% occupancy rate.
EXCO is located in the transportation center where access to the Highway IC, International Airport, High Speed
Railway Station is within 10-20 minutes.
Daegu- Gyeongbuk, where EXCO is located, has a population of 5.5 million and has 14 million potential
customers from the Gyeongnam and Chungcheong regions. In addition, 22 small and large industrial complexes
in the vicinity, adding geographical advantage to Daegu will help the city to grow into an attractive megapolis
where industrial exhibitions and trade shows will fuel growth.
EXCO has been preparing for another leap forward to become a major exhibition and convention center within
Asia as NEW EXCO (expansion of EXCO) is preparing to open in May 2011. After the expansion, the exhibition
space will be 23,000sqm, which is double the size of the current space; and an auditorium with 1,600 seats and a
total of 34 meeting rooms will be set up. These new facilities will help EXCO to host large exhibitions and
conventions at the same time, providing an ideal environment.
Along with EXCO’s expansion work, huge-scale conventions will be attracted to EXCO and Daegu. A number
of conventions from diverse fields will be held from 2011 to 2013, such as the 2011 IAAF World Championships in
Athletics, the 2012 International Congress of Entomology (ICE) and the 2013 World Energy Congress (WEC).
These mega events and conferences will inspire the entries of conventions and expected to make EXCO and the
city of Daegu as a truly global convention city.
EXCO is located in the hub of traditional culture of Korea, which is also a home to Confucianism in Korea, Gaya
culture, and Buddhist cultural sites with 5,000 years of history. Four of the 10 World Cultural Heritages in Korea
designated by UNESCO can be accessed within about an hour. Feel the mystery of the astounding cultural history
of Korea and business at EXCO at the same time. EXCO can provide convention/exhibition organizers with rich
tourism programs which can make their events even more dynamic and diverse.
In addition, 22 energetic industrial complexes surround EXCO and Daegu. It enables organizers to design
exhibition with related industrial site tours which make its events more practical and richly experienced.
EXCO, also as an organizer, has been establishing its position as a vital part of the export infrastructure of the
region by identifying and arranging trade fairs with emphasis on region-specific industries, including textiles
(Preview in Daegu), machinery (DAMEX), eyewear (DIOPS), renewable energy, etc. Especially, Green Energy
Expo, which is the UFI-approved exhibition, has evolved into a globalized New & Renewable energy related
exhibition. Also, EXCO has successfully hosted various international events, and will continue to present a positive
image of Daegu to the world as a highly-focused city on international conventions, by hosting the IAAF World
Championships Daegu 2011, and other international events. For the convenience of delegates, the city offers about
5,000 guest rooms of hotels and inns. In particular, among them, there is a 300-room deluxe hotel located on the site
of EXCO. An additional 2,200 hotel rooms are also available from vicinity province, Gyeongbuk area where
people can access within 30 - 60 minutes.
Moreover, Daegu’s exciting art festivals are held throughout the year. For instance, there are the international musical festival, opera festival, jazz festival,body-painting festival and nonverbal festival, which demonstrate the city’s enthusiasm,
entertaining participants. Visitors can savor the richest cultural heritages and diverse art festivals in the city of Daegu.

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